Author: Jody Zachary

In the words of the omnipotent Carrie Bradshaw, “I will never be the woman with the perfect hair who can wear white and not spill on it.”

Yet I will be the woman with the sunroof open, blonde roast in the cup holder, and Blake Shelton blaring on the stereo. So, you better find me a vehicle that can keep up to a life with boot camps in the morning and pedis in the afternoon.

The Lexus IS 300 F Sport is not so different than my fictional spirit animal. Like Carrie, the IS is a head-turner with a bold personality, is powerful yet posh, and most of all, is ready for adventure at every turn.

As I settle behind the luxury steering wheel of the F Sport in the Lexus of Royal Oak parking lot, I imagine this is what a pair Manolo Blahniks must feel like – that is, if I could afford a pair! The Lexus sedan is un-apologetic about standing out in a crowd, and breeds confidence as I tap the pedal merging onto Stoney Trail in northwest Calgary.

My next several days are a web of appointments, boot camps and urban exploring. En route to the salon in downtown Calgary, I catch the F Sport’s signature look as it reflects off the glass office towers, and barely feel a ripple as I cross the cobblestone-like streets of Eau Claire.

Later, I’m navigating a packed parking lot at New Horizon Mall for an evening Stampede event with my husband and our daughters. This is my first visit to the new shopping centre just outside Calgary – a contradiction of bustling bouncy castles mingling with empty glass-enclosed units.

The next day, it’s off for some family Stampeding. I’m rewarded with an amazing afternoon that’s light on lines and nary a raindrop in sight.

Day 3 and it’s an early morning at Orange Theory (which I found out is a local merchant in Lexus of Royal Oak’s Royal VIP Rewards Program!). Stretching my legs is an opportunity to stretch the Lexus IS, as I’m a bit bolder around the corners. The luxury sedan welcomes my adventurism, hugging the turns without so much as a squeal.

My afternoon is spent at Calaway park with my girlfriend and her three daughters. They arrive from Calgary in their three-row minivan, which makes sense. I roll up in the F Sport that more than accommodates my brood of four. There are no compromises here as I get “sport luxury” yet also “family functionality”.


On my final day with the Lexus IS, I’m back at Lexus of Royal Oak, where I’m not allowed to leave without a Royal VIP Spa experience courtesy of the dealership’s in-house esthetician, Nozomi Takahashi. Her favorite Lexus is, coincidentally, the IS 350 F Sport.

From pedis to the pavement, Carrie Bradshaw has nothing on this Alberta gal!


Want to experience the Lexus IS for yourself? Take a test drive today by visiting Lexus of Royal Oak in the Northwest Auto Mall just off Stoney Trail on 112 Avenue NW. OR check out available dealership inventory online.