We’re all stuck in a time where you may not be driving your Lexus as much as you used to. While every Lexus vehicle was made to take out on the road every day and be driven to its full potential, that’s not a reality for some. Unfortunately, your Lexus may only leave your driveway once a week, or even more infrequently than that. Even if you’re driving less and your Lexus may be sitting parked for longer, you still need to make sure it’s as healthy as can be, so when you do need to drive it it reacts in kind, and will still be reliable for years to come. Here at Lexus of Royal Oak, we recognize the struggle to keep your Lexus running as it should, so we’ve gathered together some tips on how to maintain your Lexus without much cost if you don’t drive it that much.

Drive Your Lexus as You Can

If you don’t have to drive your Lexus every day because your schedule has changed, perhaps you’re working from home and don’t need to commute to an office, you should still find time each week to take it out for a drive. We recommend going out at least once a week for 20 minutes, to help ensure everything inside is working correctly and gets a chance to stretch its legs. This is crucially beneficial to keep your battery charged and to prevent your tires from getting flat spots. When the winter descends on Calgary, it’s even more important to take your vehicle out for a mini drive, especially if you aren’t able to plug it in, as the cold weather can compound the effects of a sitting vehicle.

Exterior Vehicle Protection

When your vehicle is parked for an extended period of time, that means it’s susceptible to damage and weathering if it doesn’t move from its same spot. If you have a garage, this obviously greatly cuts down on these risks, but if you’re forced to park outside, and for an extended period, you’ll want to look into protecting it as best as you can. If you’re able, purchase a car cover, or park where your vehicle will be protected from the elements. Protect your paint by coming into our auto detailing shop and getting a wax and seal to ward off any damage that could accrue.

Hands working on a Lexus disc brake

Brakes & Tires Maintenance

Your brakes and tires are some of the most important components on your Lexus, and even though they may not be doing their job as they would day-in-and-day-out, you still need to protect them and keep up on maintenance for when they do need to spring into action. Those short drives that we mentioned previously do wonders for your brakes and tires, helping to prevent rust from building up on your brake rotors. Not only do those drives aid against flat spots from developing, but they help to maintain proper tire pressure as well.

Oil & Gas Maintenance

We live in a city and province where temperatures can fluctuate wildly, going between two extremes, and that’s not a good recipe for oil, which can deteriorate over an extended period of time, especially when sitting and with that climate change. Even if you’re not driving as you did, still get your oil changed at least twice a year to remain on your recommended service interval. As well, even if your vehicle is sitting, make sure your gas tank is fully topped up, this helps ward off the build-up of condensation, which can affect engine performance.

Lexus technician working under a vehicle

Checking for Animals & Pests

If you have your vehicle parked in the same spot without moving for a long time, don’t be surprised if some little critters decide to make it their new home. As gorgeous and inviting as a Lexus is to us humans, so is it for animals like mice or squirrels who are looking for their latest nesting site. When freezing temperatures touch down, be also on the lookout for any animals making refuge in your vehicle, from those same critters to even the neighbourhood cat. Before you go out for a drive, and especially if your vehicle has sat in the same place for awhile, do a quick inspection of the engine, wheel wells, beneath your vehicle and anywhere else you may think an animal would like to call home.

Keeping Regular Service Intervals

Summarizing all of our tips comes down to not neglecting any typical service & maintenance jobs or inspections just because you may not be driving your vehicle as much. Thus, we recommend you keep up your recommended service intervals, through time or mileage, and get your Lexus serviced as you always would in the past. Our service team here at Lexus of Royal Oak are trained and certified in everything Lexus, ensuring your vehicle gets the proper care it deserves, and with the genuine OEM-quality parts and accessories that you demand.

Even if you’re driving your Lexus less, there’s plenty you can do to make sure it’s fit to drive when you need it to. If you want some assistance from the professionals, we’re always here for you at Lexus of Royal Oak, for service, detailing, or just for questions, so please get in touch!

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