5 Tips on Maximizing Your Vehicle’s Value When Selling It

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Everybody dreams up a high price point when looking to sell your vehicle, but in reality you may not always get what you think your vehicle may be worth. There are numerous ways, though, to maximize the potential value of your vehicle, and to put you in the position of being able to get the most for it when time comes to get it appraised and sold. What follows is our top 5 tips on how to maximize your vehicle’s value, throughout ownership to getting necessary repairs and cleaning done to making sure you have all of its relevant documents in order. Read on and learn how to best set your vehicle, and wallet, up for sale.

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1. Take Care of Your Vehicle Throughout Its Life

Unfortunately, this tip may be a little too late if you’re looking at selling your vehicle right now, or at least may give you a lot more work to do if you haven’t been following along with this suggestion throughout its life. It isn’t good enough just to only pay attention to the health and livelihood of your vehicle when you’re getting ready to sell it, as taking care of your vehicle throughout its life helps to maintain peak performance and promotes safe driving. If you wait to catch up on all that TLC, maintenance and repair right when you’re getting ready to sell, there most likely will only be so much you can do, and may cost you quite a bit to get it looking sale ready.

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2. Get Any Needed Repairs Done

To be fair, even if you’re been keeping up on your vehicle’s maintenance over the years, there may still be a few minor repairs that need to be done, which may not have received priority if they didn’t affect performance or safety. To be clear, these should only be minor repairs, with any major repairs that were needed having already been done at the necessary times. Get in touch with a mechanic and see what can be done to help touch up your vehicle and get those minor repairs fixed.

3. Clean and/or Detail

Once your vehicle is repaired and in its best structural condition possible, now it’s time to get it looking spiffy. Just like keeping up with maintenance on your vehicle throughout its life, hopefully you’ve been regularly cleaning it as well, so your job here won’t be as tough. Give it a good clean, both inside and out, and make it look like something you’d like to buy off a lot. If that’s just a bit too much work for you, you don’t have the time, or don’t think you could do as good a job as others, invest in having a professional detail your vehicle. It may be a bit costly, but the return on investment can be substantial.

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4. Check Tires

When people get their vehicle repaired or detailed what is often forgotten about or given way less attention than it deserves is the tires. A beautiful vehicle can almost be an afterthought if it’s stuck on some worn-away, old tires. Make sure the tires on your vehicle are in as good a condition as possible, and, if you’re able, get a new set or swap on your off-season set, which can provide exceptional value, like having it equipped with winter tires here in Calgary. Selling a vehicle with another set of tires provides tremendous value, especially in our province where switching out tires is a necessity.

5. Collect All of Your Documentation in One Place

This is another one to file another the category of “hopefully you’ve been doing this the entire time” but you should make sure to file all of your vehicle’s important documents together in the same file. If not, and you have them, gather them all together and organize them in a file to go along with the vehicle. From maintenance history to ownership papers, this helps give the buyer a full and accurate history of the vehicle, what it’s been through and helps to give you credence as a caring owner, which reflects on the vehicle itself.

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