Why is Lexus Maintenance Important?

Man working under the hood of a LexusWith a vehicle made with such expert engineering and fine-tuned craftsmanship like a Lexus, it’s vitally important to bring it in for scheduled maintenance. Broken down by mileage, or time, these check-ins, maintenance or major service work ensure that your Lexus’ high value is maintained for resale, along with making certain everything is running as it should and it’s still operating to its high safety standard. Scheduled Lexus maintenance is important to be done regularly, and allows for better care and less damage to your wallet when done at a certified dealer like ours at Lexus of Royal Oak.

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How Often Should You Service a Lexus?

You should be bringing in your Lexus for service about every 5,000 to 8,000 kilometres, or every 6 months on average. When you buy a Lexus from us, you receive complimentary service check-ins, at 1,600 km (or 3 months) and 8,000 km (or 6 months). After that we understand it may be hard to know when exactly you should consistently be bringing your vehicle in, but with our maintenance schedule you can easily find out! Just enter your vehicle information and you’ll be given a personalized schedule unique to your Lexus model as to when you should bring it in for important servicing!

Do I Still Need Regular Service if I’m Driving Less?

If you’re driving less due to your current circumstances, you should still come in for regularly scheduled service, but there’s plenty you can do to keep it running right in the meantime between services with lesser driving activity: 

  • Drive your Lexus at least once a week for 20 minutes at the minimum
  • Move your vehicle from time-to-time to avoid tire flat spots
  • If parking outside, trying to keep it covered as best as possible
  • Check for any nesting sites from animals that may have been built
  • Keep your gas tank full to avoid condensation build-up inside
  • Wax and seal your vehicle to help protect the paint
  • If you aren’t driving much, you should still get your oil changed at least every 12 months

Close-up of a wheel on a Lexus that is getting servicedWhat Are the Costs to Service My Lexus?

While Lexus is a luxury brand, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should always expect to pay higher prices. As the luxury segment of Toyota, that means you can be assured of not only the quality of service, build and care but that you’re working with a company that prioritizes value and customer satisfaction. Costs depend on the degree of work needed and your model, but still exists as one of the cheapest luxury brands to maintain, and especially due to our Toyota relationship. As well, a number of warranty programs and protections exist to help stem and cover any needed work:

    • New Vehicle Warranty
    • Parts Warranty
    • Extra Care Protection
    • Lexus Road Hazard Protection
    • Roadside Assistance

Of course, one of the best ways to cut down on Lexus maintenance costs is doing your own due diligence and keeping up with your vehicle in-between scheduled service. From detailing and cleaning to protecting it from the harsh Alberta elements, it’s important to treat your Lexus with care.

Why Get Service from A Lexus Dealership?

You could go anywhere for service on your Lexus, but coming to an official dealership like ours here at Lexus of Royal Oak we provide the highest quality of care, service, parts, tools and staff to meet the needs of your vehicle.

  • Highly-trained & Certified Technicians: Our expert technicians are well-trained and experienced with everything Lexus, adding up to over 130 years of combined technical training.
  • Genuine OEM Parts: Lexus genuine parts were designed exactly to the fit and shape of your Lexus model, mirroring the needed quality, reliability and durability you expect out of the craftsmanship of a Lexus.
  • Luxury dealership amenities: Our Lexus of Royal Oak dealership provides the tops in dealer amenities, including a Royal Lounge (featuring manicure/pedicure service), barista bar, cozy lounge with a 70-inch TV and more.
  • Loaners & Valet: While your vehicle is getting serviced, take advantage of our loaner fleet and go about your day, or utilize our valet service and have us take care of everything without you having to drive anywhere.

Maintaining a consistent Lexus service schedule is important, and doing so at Lexus dealerships like ours here at Lexus of Royal Oak ensures the best experience possible for you and your trusted vehicle. If you have any questions about our service or amenities, please don’t hesitate to contact us, online, by phone or in-person!