Life’s Uncomplicated in the 2020 Lexus NX


Author: Jamie Zachary

A luxury compact SUV without compromises. It doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that when describing the 2020 Lexus NX 300 F Sport.

Sure, my family put the NX through the paces of Calgary life over several days recently. After all, it’s Fall, which means back to school, back to routines, back-to-back dance practices…

But while the route changed, the story stayed the same: No compromises.

The NX thrives in being the unofficial antidote to the quintessential white-flag-waving minivan. It offers enough utility to meet the demands of my family of four, yet the sport and styling reminds me I’m not as old as I sometimes feel.

  • From the outside looking in: My F Sport model stands out in the sea of compact and mid-sized SUVs outside of my daughters’ school. The pearl grey hued body is distinctively offset by Lexus’ hallmark black honeycomb front grill and a spindle motif on the power back door.
  • In it to win it: Inside, Lexus has not held back with a cabin that is equal parts luxury and utility. My first impression is how the black leather, bucket-like seats wrap around my body. They offer a more coupe-like feel than a SUV. Yet rather than settling on bougie, the NX is functional. Dance parents know the pain of trying to fit a Rac n Roll dance bag into their vehicles. With the NX, I easily fit two without blocking the back window. Not to mention a gym bag and yoga mat!
  • Comfort and convenience: Sometimes, it’s the little things that take a vehicle from good to great. With the NX, that’s demonstrated with features such as a heated steering wheel/seats that are perfect for a typical Calgary fall morning. Plus, it has vented seats to cool down in the afternoon. Or predictive traffic maps on the 10.3-inch display screen that suggested Blackfoot Trail instead of Deerfoot Trail and saved me 20 minutes.
  • We have the technology: If Lexus has the tech, the automaker included it in the 2020 NX. From wireless charging, to an improved sensor-friendly touch pad that controls most of what’s happening on the main screen. Special kudos goes to the Head Up Display feature that, while common on many of Lexus’ executive-class vehicles, is still icing on the cake. Projecting information such as speed, tachometer, navigation instructions and lane-departure warning on the windshield is very Blade Runner-like in a Modern Family world.
  • Oh, how she moves!: Shift the control knob into sport, and sit back. The NX F Sport doesn’t disappoint with a thrilling ride thanks to Lexus’ first-ever 2.0-litre four-cylinder direction injection turbocharged engine. Lexus calls the NX a luxury compact SUV with the beating heart of a sports car. It also says Experience Amazing. It’s right on both counts.


Hit the ground running this fall in the 2020 Lexus NX with financing at Lexus of Royal Oak from as low as 1.9 per cent and biweekly lease payments starting at $208 with, delivery credits of up to $2,500. Check out available dealership inventory online, call 403-296-9600 or visit the dealership in the Northwest Auto Mall just off Stoney Trail on 112th Avenue N.W.