The 2020 GX is a Big Deal


Author: Jamie Zachary

When it comes to navigating Calgary’s roads through our often-unpredictable fall, the size of the vehicle doesn’t always matter. But it helps. At least that was my experience behind the wheel of the 2020 GX 460 full-size sport utility. It's one of the automaker’s largest vehicles, which has also just started to arrive at Lexus of Royal Oak.

Treated to clear skies and dry pavement when it left the dealership, this GX 460’s maiden voyage was a trip through four seasons in four days. Typical Calgary weather, right? This included gale-force winds, sideways snow, traffic snarls and more.

The GX 460 is not the automaker’s largest vehicle – not by a long shot. In fact, with the RX 350 and LX 570 extending the tape by another 85 to 276 millimetres (three to 11 inches). Yet it isn’t small either as it does weigh nearly 3,000 kilograms (6,600 pounds). Also, it is one of the tallest SUVs on the market at nearly 1,900 millimetres (74 inches), but who would notice with those Lexus running boards?

By the same token though, it can also tow its weight, rated to haul up to 2,947 kilograms (6,500 pounds). It does have a suspension with adjustable height settings, as well as Crawl Control for traversing off-road obstacles. On this given weekend, that certainly applied. Not to mention, it has seating for seven with an additional third row that flips up by a press of a button.

The 2020 GX offered a tremendous peace of mind as I inched from Airdrie to Memorial Drive along Deerfoot Trail on a snow-covered Monday morning. Not that I minded the commute though! I mean, I was able to call into two productive meetings via hands-free from the lap of Lexus luxury.

Nor did my oldest daughter mind the 868 millimetres (34 inches) of second-row leg room, tri-zone climate control and heated leather seats en route to a weekend-long dance convention.

In fact, I’m sure my mom, who is mobility limited, didn’t mind the extra room up front either (and the running boards) as we made a quick run to Starbucks before my dad and I tackled a reno back home.

The question I’m often asked when test driving new vehicles is how did it “fit” into my day-to-day routine? And in the case with the GX 460, it fit like a glove. I was still able to park in my garage at home, my spot at work, and parallel park along Fourth Avenue downtown as I ran into an afternoon meeting.

The GX 460 is not about making compromises. In fact, it’s about getting more. The handy Multi-Terrain Monitor with Underfloor View and Bird’s Eye View Monitor that’s now standard gives drivers like me a full view around the GX through a newly designed 4.2-inch central display unit. Did I also mention the GX also has 17(!) speakers?

And it does have more space. It's configurable in so many ways I’m surprised the family didn’t wear out the motors over the four days.

So yes, the GX 460 is big. But so are my needs from a vehicle!


Take advantage of a special $1,000 introductory incentive on the newly arrived 2020 GX 460 at Lexus of Royal. Check. Check out available dealership inventory online, call 403-296-9600 or visit the dealership in the Northwest Auto Mall just off Stoney Trail on 112th Avenue N.W.