Blog “Review: 2022 Lexus NX 450h+”

For 2022, the Lexus NX has been completely redesigned with new styling, tech and powertrain options.

There are new fascias both front and rear, a vastly re-designed interior and specifically for the purposes of this review, a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) model to go along with the hybrid seen previously. That’s why there’s a “+” in my tester’s model name, the “+” referring to the owner’s ability to plug in and charge the vehicle for full EV driving over a claimed 61 kilometres.

While the latest NX still gets the big “hourglass” grille emblazoned with the traditional Lexus “L” badge, there are new headlights that now house the DRLs and headlights under the same lens, fog lights, clamshell hood, different wing mirror design and a more tailored look overall. My car’s Executive Package, meanwhile, adds tri-beam auto-levelling LED headlights and special 20-inch wheels.

That Lexus badge we were talking about? Nowhere to be found on the rear deck, where it’s replaced by large “LEXUS” scripting, in keeping with a popular trend seen in the crossover world these days. It’s complimented by a full-width taillight bar which provides a lower, wider look overall.

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