COVID-19 has reshaped the way we all go about our daily lives - the hand washing, the sanitizing, face masks and a general feeling of uncertainty. At Lexus of Royal Oak we have endured a great deal of change to adapt to the current times while ensuring our guests and staff are safe when they come to our dealership. The biggest shift was from cleaning to sanitizing all cars in for service. While the basic procedure was not new it quickly became our focus.

Adapting to the times left us constantly looking for better products and through this we found DrivePur. The most significant benefit of this product is that it is a Botanical Thymol sanitizer that does not use any harsh chemical compounds that could compromise the delicate surfaces of your car or have adverse effects on the human body.

What are the DrivePur benefits?

Our cars are used for so much! Between daily driving, grocery runs, kid pickup/ drop off we know how contaminated and dirty even a clean car can get!

  • DrivePur is an environmentally friendly and botanical product.
  • It lasts longer than harsh ammonia based products
  • It’s a health conscious product that is safe for you, your family and your pets.
  • It’s gentle on your Lexus. It won’t damage your luxury leather seats and fine finishes within the vehicle.

What does the customer receive when acquiring the product?​

  1. ​First the Botanical and health-conscious hospital-grade disinfectant FRESCH™ is applied
  2. ​DrivePur is then applied as an enhanced cleaner to help bridge the gap between regular cleaning.
  3. ​Reapplications every 6 months to ensure the continued strength and performance of the DrivePur protection system.​

What’s in it that makes it so good? – The primary active ingredient is Titanium dioxide. This is a naturally occurring mineral in the earths crust and it is one of only a handful of self cleaning minerals. This mineral is commonly found in everyday items such as toothpaste, cosmetics, food and even electronic components!

How does it work? – Titanium dioxide is a photocatalytic mineral. This means that it naturally reacts with sunlight in a process similar to photosynthesis. Using energy from the sun the product converts anything that lands on its surface into a harmless gas.

Where/ when can you get this? – We are proud to offer the DrivePur Protection application at Lexus of Royal Oak.  Do not settle for just sanitizing the surfaces. Get the full interior protection of DrivePur where all the interior surfaces and the ventilation system get treated and protected. Ask us about DrivePur when you book an appointment or click the link for more information.