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Welcome to the future of Lexus, and the future of the automotive industry. On the not-so-distant horizon is a fully electrified future, and while Lexus has been developing hybrid electric vehicles and tech for the last 15 years, this is only a start in this long plan for sustainability, while still maintaining the luxury, power and performance you love in Lexus models. Lexus Hybrid Electrics mean you don’t ever have to worry about plugging in or finding a charging station, just get in and drive. Read on to see how Lexus has been innovating and pushing boundaries for luxury hybrid electrics, in Canada and across the world. Browse our models, and find one for yourself from us at Lexus of Royal Oak!


How the Self-Charging Hybrid Electric System Works

Technology & Performance

Self-Charging Hybrid Electrics combine the best of both worlds, with a battery and electric motors, using these systems to utilize the best combo based on your driving needs at the moment. Your battery will be recharged when you drive and brake, so no plugin is needed. Thus, that means fewer stops at the pumps with this dual system. Don’t confuse this for skimping out on power, as our hybrid electric vehicles deliver performance and efficiency in equal measure, with unmatched driving dynamics.

Step-By-Step Hybrid Driving Experience

Lexus hybrid system internal starting from stop graphic view

From Stop:

Your vehicle is always ready to go, you don’t have to plug in to recharge, just press the power button and be on your way.
Lexus hybrid system internal acceleration graphic view


Once you accelerate, you’re going to need a bit more power, that’s where the gas engine comes in. Then the Electronic Continuously Variable Transmission will regulate power from both sources for a seamless response from gas and electric.
Lexus hybrid system internal stopping graphic view


The Electronic Control Unit delivers power to the drive wheels and electric generator while cruising. Any energy that isn’t needed will instead be used to recharge the battery.
Lexus hybrid system internal braking graphic view

Regenerative Braking:

As soon as you take your foot off the gas, or press down on the brake pedal the regenerative system goes to work recovering the kinetic energy lost. It then converts this into electricity to charge the battery.
Lexus hybrid system internal cruising graphic view


When you stop the gas engine may stop as well, to help save on fuel. If you happen to be running low on hybrid battery power, the gas engine will kick in to make sure the battery has its required energy. Hit the accelerator to start the cycle all over again.

Hybrid Electric Benefits


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Service & Maintenance:

Scheduled maintenance is required on your vehicle every 8,000 km, just like a gas model. Service at a certified dealership like ours at Lexus of Royal Oak ensures your vehicle is treated with the best care, and with the able tools to specifically meet its needs.
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Self-Charging Hybrid Electric vehicles are covered by the same warranty as gas models, alongside an 8-year/160,000 km Hybrid Component and 10-year/240,000 High Voltage Battery warranty.
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Roadside Assistance:

Standard roadside assistance adds peace-of-mind for 48 months, including emergency help and trip planning.
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We’re not new at this, Lexus has sold over 1,000,000 hybrid electric vehicles across the world, and all designed and built to the same standards as gas models. Expect the typical Lexus reliability for years to come out of your hybrid vehicle.


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Reduces GHG Emissions:

Our Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electric vehicles are upwards of 70% cleaner than gas or diesel engines. Not only are they more environmentally conscious, but they don’t sacrifice when it comes to performance or handling either.
Brake disc graphic

Regenerative Braking:

There are few things worse than wasted material, and these Hybrid Electric vehicles work to make use of their extra energy. This discarded energy turns into driving energy, so you can get the most out of your fuel and help the environment at the same time.
Electric lightning bolt graphic

Electric Mode Only:

In certain situations you can drive your Lexus using only its electric mode. That means even further improved efficiency and outputting fewer emissions while in the city.
Battery recycle graphic

Battery Recycling:

Reduce, reuse, recycle is an old adage, but never more prescient today, and something that the Lexus brand lives by. From batteries to motor magnets to rare earth metals, recycling is an important part of Lexus hybrid electric tech.
Fuel pump graphic

Improved Fuel Efficiency:

The beauty of having both a gas engine and electric motor is the ability to adapt to your driving surroundings and match the power needed, so you can extend your time between filling up and cut down on emissions produced.

Hybrid Electric Model Lineup

Lexus UXh

The perfect crossover to tackle your city needs, the UX 250h is a modern SUV fit for the contemporary, environmentally-conscious driver.





UX 250h Research

Lexus ESh

Luxurious style and elegant accents like only Lexus can do, the ES 300h is a versatile sedan that adds self-charging hybrid electrics to its long list of abilities.





ES 300h Research

Lexus NXh

The hybrid version of one of the most popular Lexus crossover SUV models, the NX 300h will take you wherever you need to go.





NX 300h Research

Lexus RXh

This is where it all started, the world’s first luxury self-charging hybrid SUV. Meet the originator in the form of the RX 450h and see how it has advanced after all these years.






RX 450h Research

Lexus RXh L

Enjoy spacious third-row seating out of your hybrid, thanks to the RX 450h L. Bold and beautiful, this stylish performer offers 308 in net horsepower.






RX 450h L Research

Lexus LSh

This luxury sedan offers incredible power and efficiency in equal measure. The LS 500h produces 354 net horsepower and rockets from 0-100 km/h in only 5.4 seconds.




Lexus Model Research

Lexus LCh

The world’s first Self-Charging Multi-State Hybrid Electric system finds itself at home in this LC 500h coupe. Power from 0-100 km/h in just under 5 seconds.






Lexus Model Research

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