What are the F SPORT Features of the Lexus IS?

Front view of IS 350 AWD F SPORT Series 3 in Infrared

Fun-loving and performance-driven, the F SPORT packages available on Lexus vehicles are meant to take your car to the next level. The Lexus IS is a highlight of this incredible capability, style and convenience, with three different packages available to equip on your car. Follow along with us at Lexus of Royal Oak as we break down what’s included in these packages, focus on some feature highlights and some exclusives that make this Lexus unlike any other vehicle on the road.

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What’s Included in the Lexus IS F SPORT Packages?

F SPORT Series 1 (Available on IS 300 AWD)

  • Heated & ventilated front seats
  • Rear spoiler
  • Active Sound Control
  • F SPORT design enhancements
  • 19-inch F SPORT alloy wheels
  • P265/35R19 (rear tires)
  • P235/40R19 (front tires)

F SPORT Series 2 (Available on IS 300 AWD)

  • Heated & ventilated front seats
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Power slide/tilt moonroof
  • Driver seat memory
  • Lexus Navigation with Remote
  • Rear spoiler
  • Active Sound Control
  • Reverse auto tilt exterior mirrors
  • Auto-dim side view mirror (driver side)
  • Memory mirrors
  • 10.3-inch display screen
  • F SPORT design enhancements
  • 19-inch F SPORT alloy wheels
  • P265/35R19 (rear tires)
  • P235/40R19 (front tires)

F SPORT Series 3 (Available on IS 350 AWD)

  • 19-inch forged BBS alloys
  • SPORT+ mode
  • Premium triple-beam LED headlights
  • Silver wood interior accents
  • Adaptive Variable Suspension
  • Carbon fibre spoiler
Interior of IS 350 with F SPORT Series 3 in Circuit Red

Highlighted F SPORT Features

F SPORT Wheels

Are you ready to corner with extreme precision and stability? The F SPORT Series 1 and 2 comes with 19-inch alloy options. Stepping things up on the F SPORT Series 3 is an exclusive to the IS 350 AWD, 19-inch high-performance forged BBS wheels that promote excellent stability while reducing weight at the same time.

Active Sound Control

Active Sound Control is all about amplifying the sound you want to hear while cutting down on the sounds you don’t want to hear. That means you’ll hear the increased roar of the engine, while unwanted surrounding noise will be dialled down.

Dynamic Handling Package

The Dynamic Handling Package delivers supreme control, no matter the surfaces you drive across here in Alberta. This Dynamic Handling Package includes Adaptive Variable Suspension, which automatically adjusts dampers (off of your input, G-force, yaw rate and speed), and transfers this power to the ground through the F SPORT Series 3’s high-performing wheels.

F SPORT Exclusives

The F SPORT packages are about improving the performance and style of your Lexus, as well as setting it apart from others. Whether that be on the exterior with specific design enhancements, bumper styles, F SPORT wheels, a carbon fibre spoiler, or inside with its cock-pit inspired design. The following are a few highlighted exclusives that make an F SPORT Lexus IS one-of-a-kind.

  • Carbon fibre exterior features (available)
  • Circuit red trim (available)
  • Heated steering wheel and shifter (available)
  • Integrated rear spoiler
Rear of IS 350 F SPORT Series 2 in Cloudburst Grey

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Want to experience a Lexus IS equipped with these fun, stylish and high-performing F SPORT features for yourself? Lexus of Royal Oak is the destination for you here in Calgary to learn more about the latest IS models, shop an extensive inventory, have all your questions answered, and buy the perfect car for you.