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Our Lexus Fleet Lineup at Lexus of Royal Oak

There are few better ways to set your business apart on the road than with a high quality fleet of vehicles. A high quality fleet of vehicles come none better than a selection of Lexus models, providing an indelible mix of luxury, performance, capability, comfortability and convenience. Quite simply, a Lexus fleet is a step into a top class of vehicle for your business endeavours, a professional set of vehicles that can handle the needs of any sector. From vehicle quality to selection, hybrid tech, residual value, safety, durability and one of the best dealership experiences around at Lexus of Royal Oak, do you and your business a favour and take on the full Lexus fleet experience. Explore more of our Lexus service features below, then contact us, today, to get started with your own fleet.

Why Choose Lexus for Your Fleet Vehicles?

There are many dealerships and brands across Calgary offering fleet services, so why should you commit to the Lexus fleet experience? Here are a few of the top reasons why choosing Lexus for your business fleet is an easy decision.
2022 white Lexus RX driving on road near water and mountains

Premium Quality

Not only are Lexus vehicles built with the best of materials inside and out for a stylish yet comfortable look, but they also maintain a professional and elegant style for any manner of business.
2022 white Lexus GX driving off-road through mud


Along with those stylish materials are materials and a build structure that holds up to scrutiny over many years on the road, no matter your business demands, from city driving to in the country.
Rear of silver Lexus IS parked on boardwalk with view of cityscape at dusk

Lost Cost to Operate

Because of those premium and durable materials means there’s an increased ability to spend less time needing maintenance and more time contributing to your business goals.
2021 Lexus IS hybrid parked in house driveway near forest with owner walking toward vehicle

Hybrid Options

Lexus is a leader in hybrid vehicles, and thus comes a wide variety of both SUV crossover and car hybrid options to stock your fleet with.
2022 Lexus RX black interior dashboard and steering wheel

Safety & Tech Systems

From both the Lexus Safety Systems to the variety of connective and entertainment tech, the latest Lexus vehicles feature the most modern systems to keep you and your passengers safe and connected.
Lexus ES parked in driveway outside garage door

Resale & Residual Value

Due to the high value of Lexus vehicles, they’re able to maintain their value at an exceptional rate for a luxury option.
Lexus service employee cleaning silver Lexus sedan

Dealership Service & Warranty Assistance

Benefit from one of the most comprehensive dealership experiences here in Calgary at Lexus of Royal Oak, with top tier service, warranty and parts departments to maintain your vehicle and keep you covered.

Our Lexus Fleet Model Lineup

It’s one thing to have high quality vehicles for your fleet, but it’s an entirely other thing in the case of utilizing a Lexus fleet to have the extensive variety of not only vehicle styles but also engine systems, ready for any business needs. From sedans and coupes including the IS, RC, ES, GS and LS, to hybrid options like the ESh and LSh, your low-profile yet elegant car needs are more than covered. For those who need a bit more space and utility is the SUV crossover section, featuring standouts like the UX, NX, RX, RX L and GX, with their own hybrid selection with the UXh, NXh, RXh and RXh L. Visit us and discover all of the available fleet models to create the perfect combination for your needs.

Get a Lexus Fleet Now at Lexus of Royal Oak

Here at Lexus of Royal Oak, our fleet team does a lot more than just get you vehicles for your business, we’ll help every step-of-the-way to keep your costs and tax liabilities low. If a Lexus fleet lineup looks perfect for your business, we’d love to help you out. Please contact our team, today, so we can learn about your business, match you with the right vehicles the first time, and help you make a cost-effective choice with low operating costs. Perfect for a fleet of 20 vehicles or less, get in touch and start the first step toward your Lexus fleet.

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