Lexus Fleet


Is your business looking to take the next step towards joining a world-class community of Professional Fleet Managers with the Lexus Family? Lexus of Royal Oak in Calgary, AB, is here to help you discover why Lexus is the perfect choice for fleet managers in a variety of business sectors. Time-tested residual values, continuous investment in advanced and future hybrid technologies, an unmatched reputation for safety and best of all, a highly experienced team of fleet specialists at your disposal who will redefine your expectations of service by providing you with the full Lexus Experience.

Our Team will do more than help you get vehicles...

With a team to help you manage your range of Lexus vehicles, you will not only get the best information you need to help choose the right models for your needs, they also have expertise and exprience to help you keep your fleet costs to a minimum and even keep your tax liabilities as low as possible.


If you are thinking about partnering up with Lexus to manage your Fleet needs, we highly recommend you begin with a conversation with our General Sale Manager, Jason Clarke. Given that your choice of company vehicle carries a halo effect on the image of the rest of your business, we want to make sure you get it absolutely right on the first time around. Even if you already consider yourself an expert on your needs, we can help make sure you are able to make a tax-efficient decision with highly competitive running costs that allow you the flexibility to meet even the most demanding needs of work-life balance.

If you manage a small to mid-sized fleet of less than 20 vehicles in total, you can call Jason directly during business hours at 403.656.9677 or fill out the simple Contact Form below with your contact details so he can return your inquiry.


For more information about Lexus Fleet Services, please contact General Sales Manager, Jason Clarke, using the form below or calling him directly at 403.656.9677.

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