End of Lease Options at Lexus of Royal Oak

End of Lease Options

Choosing to lease a Lexus model is a great way to experience all it has to offer without committing to a full purchase of a new vehicle. Drivers who decide to lease a Lexus vehicle can enjoy the latest Lexus models while taking advantage of exclusive rewards and incentives. When drivers reach the end of their lease agreement, they have several options to choose from. One year prior to the end of the lease, drivers will receive a Lease Maturity notice in the mail, which is a great time to start considering different end of lease options. Continue reading to learn what you can do when your lease comes to an end at Lexus of Royal Oak.

Leasing A New Lexus

Leasing Benefits

Many drivers decide to move their current Lexus lease agreement to a new model once it comes to an end. To reward their most loyal customers, Lexus offers a loyalty rate reduction of 1.5% when drivers choose to lease their next vehicle through Lexus Financial Services.

Vehicle Inspection 

When returning your current Lexus vehicle and beginning a new lease agreement, drivers will set up a complimentary vehicle inspection with their dealership. This is to ensure that no repairs are needed prior to the vehicle’s official return date. Minor scuffs and wear may fall under acceptable use per the initial lease agreement.

Lexus Lease Advantage

Returning Your Current Lexus

Ending Your Lease

Drivers who choose to end their lease agreement won’t have to worry about jumping through hoops. Lexus makes the return process simple and straightforward. Drivers will still need to schedule an inspection with their dealership to ensure that no major repairs are needed prior to the vehicle’s return date. 

Clarity & Transparency

The team here at Lexus of Royal Oak will do everything they can to help drivers return their leased Lexus vehicle. Drivers who are unsure of their next steps or need clarification on the timing of their inspection or return can reach out to our team for more information. Upon inspection, our technicians will be sure to note any repairs that need to be made before the vehicle’s return, and will help you schedule any necessary appointments.

Purchasing Your Current Lexus

Buy Your Lexus

At the end of their lease, many drivers decide they want to purchase their Lexus vehicle. Drivers who wish to buy-out their lease at Lexus of Royal Oak should contact our dealership. Our financial experts will inform you of the amount required for paying out the lease. 

Financing Information

Lexus Financial Services can help drivers finance the complete purchase of their end-of-lease Lexus. Drivers can explore their available financing options by contacting Lexus Financial Services directly or via the finance department at Lexus of Royal Oak.

Contact Us

Whatever you decide to do at the end of your Lexus vehicle lease, the team at Lexus of Royal Oak is here to help. Whether you’re interested in leasing a vehicle from us or have questions regarding your current lease, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Use the secure online form below to send our team a message, or give us a call at (403) 296 - 9600. 

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