How Reliable is a Lexus?

The Quality of a Lexus

We value quality most of all here at Lexus of Royal Oak, that’s why we’re so proud to be a Lexus dealer. A brand that’s synonymous with dependability, reliability, quality, low maintenance and technological innovation. From the craftsmanship of their design, to the standards in place at our factories, every step-of-the-way toward a new Lexus imbues quality at every turn. Follow along with us as we outline some of the major ways that Lexus is leading the way in the luxury vehicle segment as one of the most reliable options you can own.

Our Commitment to Quality and Safety

Master Craftsman

The Takumi, or Master Craftsman, is the highest honour a Lexus team member in an assembly plant can represent. Hand-selected off their artful skill, this top tier group of 10 oversees every part of vehicle assembly, leading the way on quality standards for our thousands of Lexus factory team members.


Kaizen means “change for the better” or “continuous improvement,” a philosophy we at Lexus live by. What this means is that it drives everyone, from engineers to assembly works, to always be looking ahead, on how we can improve both the vehicles themselves and the processes we undertake to build them. We take this so seriously that engineers are encouraged to scrutinize a finished Lexus to find a way to better improve it.

Andon Cord

An andon cord is a cord system that a factory worker can pull to stop the production line and notify others of an issue. Anything from a nut being turned too far, or a worker dropping a screw can initiate such an event, our commitment to fine-detail and quality production. Each time the cord is pulled we analyze the issue and make any adjustments needed to resolve it for the future.

Reusable Materials

When we build a Lexus vehicle we’re always cognizant of the leftover waste from the used material, and always strive to use it as efficiently as possible. That’s why when materials like seat cushions, floor mats and roof liners are made, we don’t just throw away the leftover materials, we mold them into insulation for the doors, roof, floor and chassis. We even have an underground conveyor belt system below our manufacturing site that collects the scrap metal to be melted down and re-used.

Breaking New Ground for Lexus Vehicles

Side view of Lexus driving in the city with trees and a building in the background

Regenerative Energy

When energy is created in one of our hybrid options (like the RXh, UXh, NXh or others), the kinetic energy is stored to power the car, thanks to the regenerative energy technology. Lexus is forever committed to creating increasingly sustainable vehicles, existing as more than a feature, it’s a baseline.
Front view of a Lexus with workers examining it

Extensive Inspection Process

When Lexus innovates, it’s not just restricted to our vehicles, our factory floors see constant improvements as well. In the three-hour inspection process every vehicle gets six coats of paint, then a robot captures macro images of the Lexus’ surface. This makes for convenient work for our 100 inspection agents who will then inspect the vehicle, catching any flaw or inconsistency.
Lexus LFA driving with a blur effect in the background

Carbon Fiber Loom

With a vehicle as legendary and innovative as the LFA, advanced carbon fiber techniques had to be created to fully satisfy its manufacturing process. A circular look was created, led by a laser sight, that was able to perfectly weave the carbon fiber that was to become the LFA chassis.

Top Tier Factory Standards

26,000 Certifications

Top quality is hard to come by, and in places like our Tahara plant we have over 26,000 tasks that can be certified as being done properly. Every step must be logged and detailed to receive a full certification. How seriously do we take this attention to detail? We even have a 14-minute film dedicated to instructing on how to place a grommet correctly, a task when done that only takes a brief two seconds.

Crafting the Colour

The colour of each and every Lexus is so important that knowing their slight differences is vital. Our craftsmen practice using 15 vials of red paint, each with a slightly different hue, arranging them in decreasing order of hue, helping them better understand the tiny, but important, differences that may help them prevent inconsistencies on the vehicle as a whole.

Hand Counting

Our Lexus craftsmen are so skilled they can reach into a mound of bolts and take out exactly five. It’s a must in our factory, helping our workers specifically tune themselves to guiding by feel, knowing something is exact just by how it feels in your hand. This leads toward ensuring every part of a Lexus is proportioned and feels exactly as it should.

Factory Fitness

Keeping our workers in prime shape and up-to-the-task of completing the work, while doing so in the best of health is important, especially when dealing with hand craftsmanship. Our Lexus-developed latex disc is a tool that allows workers to put their fingers in its elastic webbing and squeeze and rotate their fingers and wrist in a workout to keep it fresh and free of fatigue.

Fine, Quality Leather

Dozens of tests are done to the leather that eventually finds itself in your Lexus, ensuring it’s only of the best quality. Everything from putting a blow torch to it, to subjecting it to sub-40-below temperatures and poking it to see how/if it cracked, to folding and poking it to see if any creases or punctures transpire, to shining 10 years worth of ultraviolet lights on it in only four weeks. It’s serious business when confirming the best quality leather.

A Single Piece of Wood

In a lot of our Lexus models the centre console or side panel will be crafted from a single piece of wood, accenting the gorgeous interior and underlining our commitment to the best in elegant quality.

Protected Engine Manufacturing Process

Before our engineers step foot in the engine manufacturing area they undergo a high-powered shower in a closed-off room, complete with adhesive coated walls to ensure not even a speck of dust follows them in.

Under our Bright Lights

Each Lexus is scrutinized under our bright, intense light for even the smallest of flaws before it's able to leave the factory. From there it moves on to being looked at under red, blue and green lights, attempting to recreate the same conditions they’ll see in the real world.

Track Test

Of course, a Lexus needs to be tested on the track, and the LS model is one of the rare vehicles to get such a detailed test. While an LS may have its engine analyzed to the nth degree before being placed inside, or hand-sanded twice over, it enjoys the unique pleasure of having each LS get driven by a team of experts to ensure its drives, sounds and reacts as it should.

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These are just a few of the manufacturing, factory and innovative processes that all add up to making Lexus one of the most reliable and quality vehicles on the market, luxury or not. If you have any questions about our vehicles or their craftsmanship, don’t hesitate to reach out. And, to experience one for yourself, shop your favourite model online, then come see it in person!

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