What Are the Traction Systems of the Lexus NX?

Side view of Lexus NX 300 in Atomic Silver parked on gravel with mountain in the background

The Lexus NX is a supremely capable SUV, with a bevy of performance and traction features designed to make your next drive the smoothest it can be over a variety of surfaces. We all know life here in Alberta can equate to easy city driving one minute, to tough country off-roading the next, and although your Lexus is a premium luxury vehicle it’s more than equipped to handle any tough road in front of it. The advanced traction systems of the NX are here to deliver every driver confidence and security over any conditions. Read along with us at Lexus of Royal Oak as we go over the four main features of the NX’s traction systems: all-wheel drive, traction control, vehicle stability control and hill start assist control.

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All-Wheel Drive

More and more commonplace on vehicles nowadays is all-wheel drive, and no wonder given the road conditions and weather changes we especially here in Calgary have to deal with year-round. All-wheel drive on the NX helps to prevent wheel spin out thanks to its dynamic torque control features, which delivers torque to your wheels that need it most, turning any road with poor conditions into a stable ride and one that your NX can effortlessly guide you over with confidence.

Traction Control

Traction control is all about increasing your vehicle’s grip when you need it most. We’ve all driven down those slick roads during a rainstorm and felt uneasy with the possibility of slippage underneath. What this NX traction control system does is improve the grip of your tires when accelerating on these slippery surfaces, so you can maintain the power and stability of the NX at its intended potential, without being at the mercy of the slippery road beneath.

Advanced traction NX graphic

Vehicle Stability Control

Another traction feature on the NX that prevents slipping and sliding on uneasy roads is the vehicle stability control. It endeavours to protect against over- and under-steering that comes with you trying to maneuver on slippery roads around corners where your tires may be having a tough time to gain traction. What VSC does to mitigate traction loss is briefly cut back on engine output, then apply the brakes on the front and inside rear wheel to help control the vehicle around a turn and prevent the vehicle from wanting to drift forward. Drive around corners in confidence, no matter the conditions, with vehicle stability control at the ready.

Hill Start Assist Control

Hill start assist control is the traction feature focused on stability when on inclines, by preventing your NX from rolling backwards when you’re at a steep degree. Normal vehicles may simply roll back when you take your foot off the brake, but the HAC system works for you by maintaining your NX’s current position with pressure on all four brakes until the SUV starts to move forward again. Drive with supreme confidence on even the steepest of hills and slopes you find yourself and know that hill start assist control will do as it says and keep you in control.

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