Lexus Parts In Calgary


Our Lexus parts department consists of the best quality genuine OEM parts and accessories, that are easy to order, and installed by our experienced team. A deep inventory ensures we’ll have direct access to what you need, whether a critical piece or just a personalized accessory you desire. Our terrific warranty coverage has your back after the installation, and our Lexus promotions exist to assist you on getting a great offer on the next great piece of your Lexus. Explore all we can do for you from our parts department at Lexus of Royal Oak!

Lexus Factory Quality OEM Parts

Just like your Lexus is quality from everything you can see, so it is over every inch of the vehicle you can’t, from under-the-hood to the rear. We deal with the best in factory Lexus parts, genuine OEM options at our dealership for our Lexus models, and a variety of off-make models as well. We’re one of the premiere Calgary auto parts destinations and a top destination for some of the best Lexus service and parts in Canada. Our skilled parts team have years of automotive experience, the majority of which has been focused on Lexus, so you can be assured when it comes to installation, you’ll get top notch maintenance.

Find and Order Lexus Auto Parts

For those looking for Lexus parts across Calgary, Alberta and Canada-wide, you’ve come to the right place by ordering for Lexus of Royal Oak. When you need that perfect quality OEM part for your Lexus SUV or car, we’ll help you find it for you. Our online parts quote request form makes it simple for you to reach out to us with what you need so we can find your part in our extensive inventory. Gift cards are even available for those who want to spread the wealth of what we’re able to provide. We welcome all customers and are happy to serve you toward the best in Lexus quality.


Parts Warranty

We know you’re always in search of peace of mind when making substantial purchases, and our Lexus Parts warranty does exactly that when buying from us. By being a Royal VIP member at our Lexus dealership, simply from buying or leasing, we’re proud to offer 2 years/40,000 km of coverage on parts that are bought and installed at our Calgary location. Even with these high-level genuine Lexus OEM parts, you’ll drive knowing that Lexus of Royal Oak has your vehicle and wallet in mind.


Genuine Lexus Accessories

Your Lexus is made to be personalized to your liking with a variety of available accessories that do everything from make your next country adventure more easier with roof rails and tow hitches to inviting new-age technology like with a dash camera or tablet holder for passenger entertainment. Our Lexus Parts online portal lets you view all the options for your vehicle from the comfort of your computer, and then purchase them at your convenience. Whether you have an IS, ES, UX, RX or anything in-between, come to us to accessorize your Lexus and make it stick out from the pack. If you want to match the luxury of your vehicle, our Lexus boutique collection partners with some of the best fashion brands around to show off your own style.


Tires & Wheels For Your Lexus

One of the most important parts on your Lexus is its tires and wheels, and thanks to our tire centre here at Lexus of Royal Oak, we’ll make sure your SUV or car is properly equipped. The right tires for the right season is essential for safe and controlled travel, whether summer or winter. Search for all-season, summer, winter, all-terrain and more in our tires & wheel department to find the perfect fit for your Lexus.



Make Lexus of Royal Oak your one-stop destination for the finest in car parts and service in Calgary. Our parts department is happy to exist in a dealership with such great services, like our body shop, auto spa, service department, royal lounges and so much more that makes a Lexus dealership so unique. If you have any questions for our parts department, feel free to get in touch with us!

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