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Welcome to the Lexus of Royal Oak Parts Department, your premier destination for Lexus parts and accessories in Calgary, AB. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you'll find only the highest quality Lexus Genuine OEM Parts, expertly installed by our experienced team. With a robust inventory at our fingertips, we guarantee swift access to everything you require, be it a crucial replacement part or a personalized accessory that reflects your unique style.
Rest easy knowing our outstanding warranty coverage is there to support you post-installation, providing peace of mind for every journey. Plus, take advantage of our exclusive Lexus promotions, designed to help you secure incredible deals on your next Lexus upgrade. Discover the full spectrum of possibilities waiting for you in our Parts Department at Lexus of Royal Oak. Your Lexus deserves nothing but the best, and we're here to deliver it


Just as your Lexus exudes quality in every visible detail, it's equally exceptional beneath the surface, from under-the-hood to the rear. At our award-winning dealership in Calgary, Alberta, we proudly offer the finest in factory Lexus parts, including genuine Lexus options tailored for our Lexus models, as well as an extensive selection for a variety of off-make vehicles.

We're honoured to be your premier destination for auto parts in Calgary, AB and we take pride in being a top choice for Lexus service and parts across Canada. Our dedicated parts team boasts years of automotive expertise, with a strong focus on Lexus vehicles. This means you can trust us not only to provide you with the highest quality parts but also to ensure top-notch installation and maintenance for your prized Lexus.

Experience the excellence of Lexus parts and service right here in Calgary, AB. Your Lexus deserves nothing less.


If you're in search of Lexus parts in Calgary, or anywhere across Canada, you've arrived at the ideal destination by choosing Lexus of Royal Oak. When you require that perfect, high-quality Lexus Genuine part for your Lexus SUV or car, count on us to assist you. Our user-friendly online parts quote request form simplifies the process of reaching out to us with your specific needs, allowing us to efficiently locate your desired part within our extensive inventory.

We extend a warm welcome to all our guests and take pride in providing you with the best in Lexus quality. Whether you're a local resident of Calgary, AB, or a Lexus enthusiast from across the country, we're here to serve you.






We understand that peace of mind is paramount when making significant purchases, and our Lexus Parts warranty provides just that when you choose to buy from us. As a valued Royal VIP member at our Lexus dealership in Calgary, AB, you'll enjoy the benefits of our exclusive warranty program. Simply by purchasing or leasing your vehicle with us, you gain access to 2 years/40,000 km of comprehensive coverage on parts purchased and installed at our Calgary location.

Even when you opt for the high-level quality of Lexus Genuine parts, you can take to the road with the confidence that Lexus of Royal Oak has your vehicle and your wallet in mind. Your satisfaction and security are our top priorities.

Discover the assurance of our Lexus Parts warranty when you choose Lexus of Royal Oak.



Your Lexus is designed to be a canvas for personalization, and we offer a wide range of accessories that allow you to tailor your vehicle to your preferences. Whether you're planning a country adventure with your pup or seeking to enhance your in-car technology, our selection has you covered. From practical additions like roof rails and tow hitches to modern conveniences like dash cameras, pet screens, and tablet holders for passenger entertainment, we have the accessories to match your lifestyle.

Explore our Lexus Parts online portal from the comfort of your computer, where you can discover all the available options for your vehicle and conveniently make your purchases. Whether you drive an IS, ES, UX, RX, or any other model in the Lexus lineup, turn to us to elevate your Lexus and make it stand out from the crowd.

If you're looking to complement the luxury of your vehicle, don't miss our Lexus boutique collection, featuring partnerships with some of the finest fashion brands. Express your own unique style and match the sophistication of your Lexus with our exclusive offerings.

Upgrade your Lexus with premium accessories at Lexus of Royal Oak in Calgary, AB, and experience a new level of personalization.



Your Lexus is a masterpiece of engineering, and its tires and wheels play a vital role in ensuring your safety and driving experience. At Lexus of Royal Oak, we understand the importance of proper tire selection, and our tire center is here to ensure your SUV or car is equipped with the perfect set.

Choosing the right tires for the season is crucial for safe and controlled travel, especially in a place like Calgary, where we experience diverse weather conditions throughout the year. Whether you're navigating the sunny days of summer or the snowy winters, we have you covered. Explore our extensive selection of all-season, summer, winter, all-terrain, and more in our tires & wheel department to find the ideal match for your Lexus.

Your vehicle's performance and safety are our top priorities, and we're here to help you make the right choice. Trust Lexus of Royal Oak to keep your Lexus equipped with the best tires, ensuring you can enjoy every drive in Calgary with confidence.

Discover the perfect tires for your Lexus at Lexus of Royal Oak, your trusted tire center in Calgary, AB.


Make Lexus of Royal Oak your one-stop destination for the finest in car parts and service in Calgary. Our parts department is happy to exist in a dealership with such great services, like our body shop, auto spa, service department, royal lounges and so much more that makes a Lexus dealership so unique. If you have any questions for our parts department, feel free to get in touch with us!

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