Choose OEM Parts for Your Vehicle

Cables attached to battery under the hood of a Lexus

When it comes to parts for your vehicle, they’re not all created equally. Whether your vehicle needs new parts due to collision repair or during the process of regular maintenance, it deserves the best of the best. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are the most beneficial for your vehicle, as they were made specifically for your vehicle with the right fit, finish and expected durability to match the same ones that originally came off the assembly line. Read on with us at Lexus of Royal Oak as we break down what OEM parts are, why they’re so beneficial and why you should insist on Lexus OEM parts for your vehicle. 

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What are OEM Parts?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, and here refers to parts made by Lexus specifically for your Lexus model. Lexus designers and engineers put a lot of work into creating the vehicle you drove off the lot, and endeavour to maintain that high quality and performance level through replacement parts constructed to the same level, built to retain the integrity, fit and finish demanded by your vehicle.

What are Aftermarket Parts?

This is in comparison to aftermarket parts, which is a term referring to parts made by, in our case, a non-Lexus manufacturer, and who aren’t officially certified by the brand. Thus, these parts may not be specific to a brand or model, and may provide much poorer utility than OEM options. For example, an OEM windshield will be thicker and more durable than its aftermarket counterpart, ensuring better safety and structural integrity. Some more general disadvantages of aftermarket parts include:

  • Mass produced with a focus toward quantity over quality.
  • Cheaply made with less dependable materials.
  • Not built with a specific vehicle/model in mind.
  • No warranty coverage.
Overhead view of roof rails on top of Lexus

What are the Benefits of OEM Parts?

OEM parts are created by the same vehicle brand, but what exactly makes them so great and why should you demand them for your vehicle? Many customers don’t know it’s their right to have OEM parts installed in their vehicle, and understandably so, as they come with many benefits.

  • OEM parts are designed specifically for your vehicle, so expect these replacement parts to fit and perform just like the previous ones who found a home in your Lexus.
  • These parts were put through many tests to ensure their high quality, and are only sold should they meet these standards.
  • Made with the best and proper materials for said part, you can expect these parts to be durable and last.
  • Should there be any issues, you will be covered through warranty on these parts, which you won’t get through aftermarket options.

Ask For OEM Parts at Lexus Of Royal Oak

It’s simple when it comes to parts here at Lexus of Royal Oak. Insist on ordering and have installed OEM parts on your Lexus, to maintain the quality, integrity, fit and finish inside your vehicle. Preserve the beauty and operating power of your Lexus through Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, with us here at Lexus of Royal Oak. If you have any questions about parts and the best ones for your Lexus, don’t hesitate to contact our parts experts, today.