Pre-Order Guarantee

Pre- Order Guaranteed

One of the fundamental commitments we have at Lexus of Royal Oak is to provide every guest with an informative and transparent purchase experience.

You are likely aware that there has been so much media attention discussing how many auto manufacturers are suffering from the worldwide computer chip shortage and therefore in many cases are unable to get the product in suitable time frames for their customers.

By virtue of most of our vehicles being made in Japan, the chip shortage is a relatively smaller issue. Most Lexus inventory issues are Covid related and a result of record worldwide sales. These factors have resulted in minor short-term inventory challenges which are being worked through daily.

Save from $500 to up to $1000 when you pre-order your upcoming 2022 Lexus. If at the time of purchase there are new manufacture rebates available, the best rebate will be applied towards your purchase.

We invite you to reserve the Lexus of your preference below, shortly a member of our acquisition team will contact you to guide you along the process.

You don’t need to wait to start your Lexus journey!