5 Reasons Why Lexus Vehicles are so Reliable

Front view of white 2022 Lexus RX driving with trees and mountains in background

If you look at dependability and reliability rankings for automakers you’ll often see Lexus at or near the top, leading other brands across every segment. This isn’t a new phenomenon and has been a consistent occurrence for years, so you may be asking yourself how Lexus keeps ranking at the top of these lists and winning so many awards for reliability. There’s many answers to this question, and thus why Lexus is so successful at creating dependable vehicles, but we’ve focused it down to 5 major points. From brand culture to training to factory quality to testing to adaptation, Lexus continues to be one of the most dependable vehicle manufacturers, and will always continue to strive for that mark. Let us at Lexus of Royal Oak break down these top reliability reasons, and outline what makes driving a Lexus such a rewarding experience.

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1. Culture

It may sound like a broad and easy catch-all answer to the question of why Lexus vehicles are so reliable, but it’s true, and can be boiled down to one word: culture. Lexus culture permeates not only the entire build process, but up throughout each and every dealership who sells these vehicles, and from vehicle to technician to tools and beyond. Our Lexus team prides themselves on true craftsmanship leading the way through design to the actual build. There’s actually a term for the “Master Craftsman” in a Lexus assembly plant, a Takumi, who oversees each and every part of vehicle assembly, existing as the highest honour a Lexus member can reach in a plant, ensuring top level of quality is adhered to for every vehicle that gets made. Kaizen is another Japanese term used within our Lexus brand, this one acting as a philosophy meaning “change for the better,” highlighting the team’s focus on always finding ways to improve.

2. High Training Standards

Lexus demands the best from the vehicles produced, and thus the best from the workers in each factory. Training is intensive yet rewarding for Lexus staff members, even down to the seemingly smallest of jobs. For example, the Tahara plant has over 26,000 tasks to be certified as being done correctly, each step needing to be logged and detailed accurately to get said certification. Training is so specific that something as basic as placing a grommet has a dedicated 14-minute how-to training film. These high training standards ensure that literally every piece of a Lexus that’s built is cared for accurately, and thus leads to a long life of reliability and dependability. 

Overhead of exterior of Lexus plant

3. Top Quality Factory Process

To make top quality vehicles you need top quality people and a top quality environment to assemble said vehicles. Whether that be engineers undergoing a high-powered shower before they enter the engine manufacturing area (to ensure cleanliness, and to prevent dust from tracking in), or re-using leftovers to contribute to an efficient and eco-friendly working process in the form of utilizing extra materials from cushions and floor mats into insulation. There’s even factory tools that help Lexus workers work more comfortably, with a Lexus-created latex disc that lets users put their hand in elastic webbing, squeeze and rotate their fingers to stay fresh and cramp-free.

4. Thorough Testing & Inspection

Once a Lexus vehicle is made, the process still isn’t even close to being finished. Every vehicle is looked at under bright lights to locate even the smallest imperfections, and done so under red, blue and green lights to simulate real-world situations. The inspection process is intensive, a lengthy 3-hour process where each vehicle gets 6 coats of paint and images produced so that over 100 inspection workers can scrutinize every small detail. They’re put to the ultimate driving test as well, where expert drivers will test to make sure it feels, reacts and sounds like it should.

5. Adaptation of New Technologies

Like the Kaizen philosophy mentioned above, Lexus is never content with the current processes regarding assembly, and is always looking to improve, integrating new technology to make production easier on all involved and simply making better vehicles. This is evident in the large worldwide and Lexus-focused push for regenerative energy in vehicles (where the RXh, NXh and UXh are such prime examples), making options that are sustainable, and not just a gimmick within the vehicle but a true and dependable foundation. Being a leader in reliable vehicles means also being a leader in adapting to customer and worldly desires.

These are just a few reasons why Lexus consistently finds itself at the top of reliability studies, and the recipient of dependability awards. What better quality to have in your vehicle, and that’s not even to mention the supreme luxury, performance, style and tech each Lexus presents as well. Explore more and experience one for yourself here at your local Calgary Lexus dealer at Lexus of Royal Oak. Browse our new and used inventory, research models and more, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, today.