Why Service Your Vehicle at Lexus of Royal Oak?

Front of Lexus of Royal Oak dealership

Choosing Lexus of Royal Oak as your destination for service on your vehicle is an easy choice. Our Lexus service advantage extends from high quality care for your vehicle, to you. Our trained technicians have over 130 years of experience, and access to genuine OEM Lexus parts and the latest tools. While you wait, enjoy our Royal Lounge amenities, or get on with your days thanks to a loaner or our valet service. Maintaining your Lexus with regular service and maintenance has never been so easy, and there’s no better service that you can trust than here at Lexus of Royal Oak.

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Lexus Service Advantage

Your Lexus deserves the absolute best, it deserves the Lexus service advantage that can only be delivered as a certified Lexus dealership like ours, who know your vehicle better than any other dealership. Our service advantage doesn’t just mean ensuring your vehicle is serviced above and beyond the high quality build standards you expect, but also concerns your personal experience at our dealership as well. Our Lexus of Royal Oak dealership balances high quality, expert service with personalized fine-detail care to our guests, on each-and-every visit. We provide service that you can trust, adapted to meet your needs during these times, but never sacrificing on quality or satisfaction, always representative of the Lexus service advantage.

World-Class Craftsmanship & Care

When you get your vehicle serviced at Lexus of Royal Oak, it’s being done by a team with over 130 years of combined experience and technical training. Our technicians are trained and certified specifically in Lexus models, ensuring your vehicle receives the best quality of care and skill attended to it. Alongside our staff’s tenure comes genuine Lexus OEM parts and the most advanced tools and technology to more conveniently and efficiently maintain your Lexus. The craftsmanship and structural integrity will always be maintained on every service job thanks to our certified, experienced team and our factory Lexus vehicle parts.

Our Service Amenities

Getting your Lexus serviced here at Lexus of Royal Oak means treating it and yourself to a one-of-a-kind state-of-the-art dealership experience that’s one of the best Canada-wide. Our dealership amenities are all encompassing for both vehicle and driver. Including 18 service mechanical bays and 8 detail bays, we can more than accommodate the needs of your vehicle. While you wait you can relax in our luxurious Royal Lounge, which features a barista bar, 70-inch TV and spa service. If you’d rather not wait, we happily offer a loaner vehicle or valet service to get you where you need to be.

If you have any questions for our service team, or just want to book an appointment, please contact us and see how we can assist!