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The Lexus Enform Connected Services bundle up to provide you premium connectivity, convenience, functionality, safety, entertainment and more. Connect with your vehicle with the Lexus App and Enform Remote, while Apple CarPlay and Android Auto let you use your smartphone apps in your Lexus. Safety, Service and Destination Connect/Assist functions aid in emergency situations, daily maintenance and destination mapping. Round that all out with SiriusXM availability and the Lexus suite of connected services couples you with your vehicle like few other brands can. Lexus of Royal Oak is your local knowledgeable source in Calgary for all current and future Lexus owners to learn all about these intelligent connected services.

Lexus App

You’ve always got your phone on you, so why not use it to connect better with your Lexus? It’s simple to download the app from your respective app store, and then use it to enroll in the Enform suite. Using the app you can interact with your vehicle on a number of levels, including:

  • Link up through both the Enform Remote and Enform Service Connect (when properly equipped).
  • Manage any vehicle alerts or reports, to best stay up on the health of your vehicle.
  • Set Lexus of Royal Oak as your preferred dealership.
  • Update and change your user profile to fit and match your preferences.

Enform Remote

Convenience is in the palm of your hands with the Enform Remote, which lets you control a wide variety of vehicle features straight from your smartphone, working in concert with the Lexus app. Enjoy this availability for free throughout the first three years of your ownership.

Door Lock/Door Unlock

Can’t remember if you’ve locked your vehicle when you’re far away from it? No problem. Want to unlock it from a ways out before you’ve even arrived? You guessed it, no problem.

Engine Start/Engine Stop

Confidently start or stop the engine from afar with two-way confirmation, either warming up or cooling down the vehicle. That’s both comfortability and functionality all in one.

Windows & Moonroof Status

Unexpected storm quickly approaching? You’ve got no need to worry. Easily check if your windows and moonroof are open or closed.

Parked Location

Find out where you parked your car in a crowded area with this location assist.

Smartwatch Compatibility

Enjoy feature use like door lock/unlock and engine start/stop straight from your smartwatch.


Use and check a variety of your Lexus vehicle’s features from the comfort of your own home.

Guest Driver Settings

Set limits (like maximum speed) and receive notifications for a guest driver, perfect for a new driver in the family.

Enform Safety Connect

Help from our Lexus professionals and technicians is available at your fingertips with the Enform Safety Connect features. All it takes is a push of a button to get help to you in the case of an emergency situation.

Emergency Assist (SOS)

In the event of an emergency, receive help just through a button push in your vehicle.

Roadside Assistance

Press the SOS button and roadside assistance will come right to your location to aid you.

Stolen Vehicle Locator

This feature can help authorities remotely track your vehicle, in the event it’s stolen.

Automatic Collision Notifications

If you get in a collision, or the airbags are deployed, this system springs into action to help, by immediately putting you in contact with one of our Lexus live response agents.

Enform Service Connect

Your Lexus comes in pristine condition, but you still need to make sure it always stays that way, so staying on top of its health is important. Luckily, Enform Service Connect makes this so much easier. Over the first 10 years of ownership this feature is free.

Warning Lights

If there’s ever a warning light that pops up on your dashboard, a notification will be sent directly to your Lexus app, the touchscreen display, and into the vehicle health reports, so you’re notified right away.

Vehicle Health Reports

Get monthly reports with your vehicle’s alerts so you can keep month-to-month tabs on your Lexus.

Enform Destination Assist

Need a little help getting to where you want to go? The Enform Destination Assist is your guide for wherever life takes you. This equals 24 hour access to a Lexus agent who will find all the location info you need, and send it straight to your navigation system.

Destination Search

Only have part info of a place you need to be, like the business name or proximity, our Lexus agent can find the destination for you.

Destination Download

The location directions will be sent right to your Lexus, leaving you just needing to hit “Go” and you’ll be on your way to the destination.

Destination Services

Need a recommendation or information? There’s our Lexus live response agent again tracking down everything you need and sending it right to you.

Apple CarPlay

Connect your iPhone (5 or newer) to your Lexus, populating the enabled apps from your smartphone to the touchscreen. This all allows you to stay connected with your phone, but with your eyes safely on the road.

Phone, Messages, Map Navigation & Music

Enjoy what you can do on your phone, now linked through your Lexus. Phone a family member, text your friend and more, keeping you connected to those who matter most. Navigate where you need to go with the maps section for the quickest route. Catch up on that audiobook you’ve been trying to get through, or crank up your favourite tunes with the convenience of this system.


Siri functionality allows you to control your iPhones features while staying focused on the road, all thanks to its hands-free voice command system.

Android Auto

New on select 2020 and newer Lexus vehicles, connect your Android phone to your vehicle with this simple and intuitive system. Everything from Google Assistant to Google Maps makes sure safety is at a premium.

Google Assistant

Focus on the task at hand while the Google Assistant concerns itself with everything else. Using voice commands you can easily control what you need to.


Music, messaging, media and more don’t have to go out the window just because you’re in your vehicle, use them all from the convenience of your Lexus.

Google Maps

Google Maps will take you where you have to go, helping you avoid heavily trafficked areas, guiding you through the right lanes, and doing so with voice control.

Google Play Music

40 million songs are at your disposal, so you’ll always be able to stream the music that matches your mood.

SiriusXM Radio

Get the most out of the 3 month All Access free trial of the SiriusXM radio services, including news, music, comedy, sports and more. If you can’t get enough when those three months are up, just contact SiriusXM Canada directly to continue your subscription once the free trial expires.

The above services and subscriptions vary by model, year and technological availability, so your best bet is to contact us at Lexus of Royal Oak so we can help with your specific vehicle. Our state-of-the-art dealership is a unique design marvel for Canadian dealers, housing all you need across our model lineup, along with our service, parts, accessory and repair services. Further top-flight amenities include our Auto Spa, in-house salon, Royal Lounge, loaner availability and VIP Royal Rewards program.

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