Lexus Maintenance Schedule

1,600 KM Check-in

The Lexus service schedule starts with two complimentary services to ensure the care on your vehicle starts off right. The first check-in occurs at 1,600 kms, where we’ll provide a walk-around as well as answering any questions you may have from this first period of Lexus ownership. With any 2016 models or newers, there may be some exceptions, so please contact us at Lexus of Royal Oak for more. Additionally you will receive:

  • Set-up or adjustment of your vehicle’s settings to personalize it to your needs.
  • Under-the-hood visual inspection.

8,000 KM Check-in

Our second complimentary service comes a bit further in at the 8,000 km mark, when you’ve really gotten some time behind the wheel of your Lexus. Thus, the inspection and service of your vehicle’s component is a lot more intensive, including:

  • Inspect/adjust engine oil, brake fluid, engine/inverter coolant, power steering fluid and washer fluid.
  • Remove/inspect engine & cabin air filters.
  • Rotate tires, or switch tires to seasonal options.
  • Examine tires for any damage/wear. Check/record tire depth.
  • Inspect brake pads, calipers, rotors, brake lines and hoses.
  • Inspect wiper blades for proper operation, including linkage and washers.
  • Reset the Maintenance Reminder Light system.
  • Check driver’s side floor mat installation.
  • Record results of inspection measurements, conditional on inspection form and repair order if needed.

Your Personalized Lexus Maintenance Schedule

While we offer the two above complimentary service check-ins for your Lexus, the necessity for consistent service doesn’t end there. Here in our maintenance schedule we’ll help you get a personalized plan for when you need to bring your Lexus in for service. All we need from you is your vehicle, model trim, year, drive type, engine type, engine size, transmission and mileage or age. From there we’ll help populate a schedule that’ll put you on the right track for ensuring your Lexus is healthy and operating as it should for years to come. Click below to access the maintenance schedule maker!

Create a Maintenance Schedule