Lexus Oil Change Service in Calgary, AB

Oil & Filter Service at Lexus of Royal Oak

An oil change and filter service is a regular necessity for your Lexus, and both you and your vehicle deserve the best when it comes time. Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle’s engine, providing proper lubrication so that each and every top-tier Lexus part can operate to its high potential. Our trained Lexus service technicians are incredibly skilled, work in a state-of-the-art dealership and with the latest tools and technology to give your Lexus the care it deserves. The cost of our oil change not only comes with the actual service, but also allows you access to many luxury amenities like our Royal Lounge, interior/exterior clean, Lexus loaner, valet and more. Familiarize yourself with our oil change service and offerings, then book one for your Lexus, now.

How Much Does an Oil Change Cost at Lexus of Royal Oak?

An oil change and filter service at our Lexus of Royal Oak dealership costs $154.95. A trained Lexus technician will perform an oil change service and replace the filter in your Lexus using Lexus OW-20 synthetic oil and a genuine filter. That cost doesn’t just include the oil & filter service jobs, but also grants you access to many of our dealership amenities while you wait.



Our Lexus Oil Change Service Amenities

That $154.95 price tag on our oil change service equals incredible value when you realize all of the additional services at your disposal under its cost, providing exceptional benefits against other local dealers and service shops with competitive prices. Here are a few of the many services you have access to with your oil change, with the cost in brackets if you were to just get it done yourself, it’s all covered at Lexus of Royal Oak:

  • Manicure or pedicure in our Royal Lounge (savings of approx. $75 – $95)
  • Complimentary exterior & interior clean (savings of approx. $45 – $95)
  • Access to a Lexus loaner vehicle while you wait (savings of approx. $75)
  • Use of our city-wide valet service (savings of approx. $65 in manpower, gas, etc.)

At Lexus of Royal Oak, for the cost of an oil change you get so much more than just the regular maintenance on your vehicle. Treat your Lexus to the best, and yourself as well, and have a premium oil change done at our dealership.

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