Lexus Recalls & Campaigns in Calgary, AB

What is a Recall and Campaign?

You’re most likely familiar with what a recall is, but maybe not a campaign, which is common terminology for the Lexus brand. A recall is when a vehicle has a defect related to the safety of its operation, needing to be brought back to the dealership for repair. A campaign differs in that it does not involve a safety issue, but usually a quality control problem that may not be essential or hazardous, but still should be fixed. Lexus operates with both recalls and campaigns to ensure your vehicle is always able and operating under the best quality it’s able to.

Where to Find the VIN on Your Lexus

Your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a unique set of 17 numbers that is specific to your vehicle. It can easily be found in a few places, allowing you to record the number simply, depending on what’s most convenient for you at the time. Check for it on your insurance or registration, or if you’re looking for it on your vehicle itself, it’s found both on the top of the dashboard and on the door jamb on the driver-side.

Lexus Campaign Definitions

Side view of a white Lexus parked in the entranceway of a building with a woman standing beside it

Safety Recall Campaign

A Safety Recall Campaign is launched when under the guidance and requirement of the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Act, we at Lexus have found a defect or non-compliance with the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard that directly affects motor vehicle safety. This repair will be done at no charge to the owner.
Front interior of a Lexus from the rear seats

Limited Service Campaign

A Limited Service Campaign is when we issue an inspection and/or repair, over a limited period of time, for an issue that is not safety related, or is a technical issue. While not vital, we still encourage our Lexus drivers to take advantage of these campaigns, and to do so before they expire.
Side of Lexus driving in the country on a nice paved road with trees in the background

Warranty Enhancement Program

A Warranty Enhancement Program is issued to inform you that we at Lexus have enhanced either the time or mileage on a certain vehicle component on your warranty. These have specific time and mileage limits, and have specific conditions for eligibility. Please contact us for more.
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