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Often the unsung hero on your vehicle, the tires and rims on your Lexus are of vital importance, not only in their proper size, type for the season, but also throughout their lifetime with consistent care and maintenance. Here at Lexus of Royal Oak and our dedicated tire centre in Calgary, we’ll help you with everything related to tires, from shopping for a new set, to service work like wheel alignments, to just helping you learn more about each tire brand and type. Our tire experts and technicians are extremely knowledgeable, from educating to installation, ensuring when you visit our dealership for tires that you’re always well taken care of!


The tires on your Lexus are one of its most important parts, meaning you need to give them the proper care and maintenance they deserve. Tires contribute to everything from high performance to safety and even fuel efficiency out on the road. Here are just a few tips and services available from us at Lexus of Royal Oak to keep your tires in the best shape possible.
Close-up of tire treads


Maintaining the correct tire pressure is important for performance, fuel efficiency, comfort, noise reduction and longevity. Proper tire pressure for your vehicle can be found in your owner's manual.
Man working on a tire on a vehicle


Consistent tire rotation extends the life of your tires, so they wear more evenly.
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Worn tire treads can drastically affect the performance and safety of both your vehicle and tires. From too high or too low of pressure to camber problems and more, our tire technicians regularly check your tire treads and will recommend new tires when needed.
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Four tires can really take up space, especially when they’re not on your vehicle. Our available tire service means we’ll take your off-season tires off your hands and store them at our dealership for you until you need them again. Proper storage helps prolong their life and keep them running as they should, year-after-year.


Here in Calgary we always get a healthy dose of each season throughout the year, which means your vehicle needs to be prepared to safely and optimally tackle all the weather conditions that Alberta dols out. Whether it’s for wet roads, snow and ice covered highways, off-roading of performance, our team of tire experts can help find the right set for you, every season.
White Lexus driving off-road in snow


An Alberta staple, not only do they improve the performance of your vehicle in the snow, but its safety as well in those cold conditions.
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These tires are good for a wide selection of road conditions, but don’t specialize or provide the best quality as more focused tires do, like winter tires for snow.
Front side view of a white Lexus


Lexus vehicles are high-performing and sporty, after all, so they deserve tires that match. These low-profile tires are soft and with a narrow tread, creating a stable and firm ride.


A wheel alignment is something that is often overlooked, but is incredibly important to ensure your vehicle is driving properly with all four wheels touching the ground as they should. Not only does a proper alignment improve your steering and handling, but also reduces wear on the rest of the vehicle, and at least makes what wear does occur happen evenly. If you’ve been feeling your Lexus pull to one side or shake without cause, it may be time for a wheel alignment at Lexus of Royal Oak. While our alignment service is not part of regularly scheduled maintenance, it is an important additional service that should not be ignored.

Wheel Alignment Service


When your Lexus model was designed, it was so with a specific tire size in mind, for optimal performance and safety. This means that you can’t necessarily pick any old tire size for your Lexus, you should choose the Lexus recommended tire size, no matter the tire type. If you need help choosing the right tire size for your Lexus, and help reading and understanding what all those letters and numbers on your tires mean, our tire experts here at Lexus of Royal Oak are more than happy to assist you!

Tire Size Guide


Led ahead by our Lexus Tire Match Promise, where we’ll match the advertised price on eligible tires, there’s always promotions and specials to ensure you get the tires you want at a great price. Please contact Lexus of Royal Oak for more on our Tire Match Promise, and how you can take advantage. Since we partner with leading tire brands across Canada, like Michelin, Goodyear, Toyo and more, we’re able to supply you with their own specials and rebates currently available, so make sure you take a look through the latest offers! Find the tires that are right for you here!

*Terms & Conditions apply. See below for details.

Tire & Parts Specials

Lexus Tire Match Promise Conditions

*Should you find a lower Canadian advertised price or Canadian internet quote on tires within thirty (30) days before or after the purchase of qualifying tires from a participating Canadian Lexus Dealer, present the Lexus dealer where you purchased or intend to purchase qualifying tires with proof of the Canadian advertised price or Canadian internet quote. They will verify the price and that the item is in stock and available for immediate sale and delivery, and then match the advertised lower price. Canadian advertised or Canadian internet quotes are eligible from local tire retailers only within an 80km radius of your dealership’s location. “Price Match” DOES NOT APPLY to advertising errors or misprints, Boxing Day prices, special educational prices, restricted offers, mail order offers, competitor rebates, coupons, premiums, free or bonus offers, limited or minimum quantity or limited time offers, close-outs, liquidations, clearances, financing offers and 3 for 1 offers. Offer does not apply to advertised prices or internet quotes from outside Canada, online retailers, liquidators, commercial or fleet accounts, clearance houses or other sellers that do not install tires do not qualify. Handwritten or verbal estimates/quotes will not be considered.

Subject to stock availability. Advertised item must be an in-stock brand sold by the Lexus Tire Program and be the same size, model, sidewall, speed and load rating.

Qualifying tires must be purchased and installed at a participating Lexus dealer in Canada. Price Match Promise does not apply to costs associated with labour, valve stems, mounting/balancing, disposal fees and taxes. Offer valid on the following tire brands: MICHELIN, BFGOODRICH, UNIROYAL, BRIDGESTONE, FIRESTONE, GOODYEAR, DUNLOP, KELLY, CONTINENTAL, GENERAL, PIRELLI, YOKOHAMA, TOYO, GISLAVED, HANKOOK, LAUFENN and FALKEN. Offer subject to change or cancellation without notice.

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