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As much as the tires on your Lexus look out for you, whether transporting you through our downtown core in the icy winter, or on the highways in the summer, or off-road in the Alberta backcountry, you still need to look out for them, too. Our Lexus tire service and maintenance guide is here to provide you some tips on how you can extend the life of your tires, by ensuring they’re fit to provide the performance, safety and efficiency qualities you expect. Read on as we take you through inflation, rotation, tread wear and our storage options for you here at Lexus of Royal Oak in Calgary!

Tire Inflation

Running your tires over an extended period of time without intervention can lead to problems, as there’s air inside and that invites the possibility of incorrect pressure over time, which many owners don’t realize. Making certain that all four of your tires has the proper tire pressure is important, highlighted among them:

  • Delivering the top driving performance potential
  • Optimized fuel efficiency
  • Providing a smoother ride
  • Cutting down on noise from the road
  • Stabilizing your tires, and their structure, inviting a longer life

If you’re unsure of what tire pressure your tires should be at, check your owner’s manual, or the labelling on the driver-side door pillar and inside your glovebox. If you have trouble, or further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our service department, where we’ll gladly assist.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

If you have a 2008 or newer Lexus you may also have a direct tire pressure monitoring system, which uses sensors to monitor both the tire’s air pressure and temperature. A symbol will light up, notifying you of a tire with low pressure. While this system is a convenient help, it doesn’t mean you can’t forego typical tire maintenance all together, but rather provides a helpful aid in letting you know exactly when you should have your tires looked at. From there, our Lexus service team will happily inspect and check your tires.

Tire Rotation

Another example of how the tires on your Lexus aren’t set it and forget it comes with the need to rotate them, in accordance with the recommendations through the Lexus Maintenance Schedule. Why consistently get your tires rotated?

  • It helps to lengthen the life of your tires
  • Allows your tires to wear more evenly
  • Helps to improve handling on your vehicle

Tire Tread Wear

Monitoring tread wear is of vital importance, especially for drivers like us who combat snow and ice so frequently over the long winter months, where the best in grip and control is required. Thus, when your tires wear down, you lose out on that grip, reducing traction and your vehicle’s ability to maintain control, most notably in extreme weather conditions.
Front side view of a Lexus with trees in the background

Improper treads affect:

  • Your ease in driving your Lexus
  • The stability of the ride
  • How smooth your ride is
  • Heat radiation transferability
  • Performance and safety in adverse weather conditions
Technician working on a tire

Your tires can receive wear from numerous different avenues, including:

  • Low air pressure
  • High air pressure
  • Toe-in or camber problems
  • Incorrect direction rotation
Close-up of checking tire depth

The tire tread depth:

All-season tire manufacturer limit is 1.6 mm (2/32”), while the winter tire manufacturer limit is 4 mm (5/32”). If your tires reach that, or you see the wear bar flush, it’s time to look into a new set of tires. Visit our Lexus tire store and find the perfect set for your Lexus.

Tire Storage

Being an Alberta driver means you’re most likely driving with two sets of tires for the year, or you should be. A proper set for the long winter months is necessary, and another set for when the snow finally leaves. Four tires off of your Lexus takes up a lot of space, and it may be more than you can fit in your garage or shed, but it’s important to store them properly, in order to prolong their life, and get your money’s worth for the cost you spent having two sets. Keep them away from the sun, heat, anything that emits ozone, and in a cool dry space, preferably on a tire rack. If you’re not able to accommodate that, we can! During their off-season, we’ll store your tires as they should be, and have them ready for the changeover next season.

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A lot of care and maintenance goes into ensuring your tires perform as they should, and both you and our dealership can help extend their lives so they can serve you for years to come. When you do need us, for tire installations, changes, balances, rotations, wheel alignment service and more, we’re happily able to help here at Lexus of Royal Oak! Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more, and for all of your tire service needs in Calgary, our service & repair department is fully equipped and ready to assist.
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