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Tires for Any Season at Lexus of Royal Oak

Adapt your Lexus to the demands of the road with tires from our shop that are fit to help you and your vehicle succeed in any season. Proper tires equipped on your Lexus are especially important living in a city like Calgary, which sees the intense sides of both summer and winter. From tires to keep your vehicle stable on rain-soaked summer roads to ones able to grip into deep snow and slick ice on winter roads, our tire store at Lexus of Royal Oak has a set for every drive. Read on below and learn about the advantages of each tire and rim type, along with how you can easily shop here online and be ready for Calgary weather year-round.

All-Season Tires

All-season tires seem like a good idea by name, and they are for some who live in an environment that gets the most out of them, but living in Calgary the threat of harsh conditions demands tires that are a bit more focused. All-season tires provide solid performance for a broad selection of conditions, but don’t perform well in either extreme. They’re made from harder rubber than summer tires, and provide good tread life and a quiet ride.

  • Treads are designed for low rolling resistance
  • Tread style improves fuel efficiency
  • Sidewalls are strong yet fliexbile with mid-range aspect ratios that balance comfort with supreme handling
  • Deep treads push rainwater away from the tire
  • Longer tread life than performance tires
  • Quieter ride than performance tires
  • Provinces like Alberta demand more focused options like winter tires in the cold months to properly perform on icy and snowy roads

Winter Tires

Winter tires are built with specific rubber materials to hold up to the cold weather, as well with deep grooves and tread designs to provide superior traction on snow and ice. When temperatures consistently fall below 7℃ it’s time to put on your winter tires.

  • Snow and slush gets pushed away form the tires thanks to its unidirectional/v-groove treads
  • Big open tread blocks are cut with tiny sipes that expertly perform in deep snow and hold up over wet roads
  • Because of the soft tread material it’s able to easily dig into snow and stick to ice and remain stable
  • Even on cold pavement you’ll enjoy a comfortable ride due to the soft treads
  • Vehicle stability control is improved, along with a smooth take-off when utilized with traction control

Performance/Summer Tires

Across both the car and crossover lineup there’s a multitude of Lexus options that prioritize the performance potential the brand so effortlessly combines with luxury. Get performance tires to match, built from soft rubber with tight treads that aim to put as much rubber on the road as possible. Their goal is to be low profile and help you succeed with tight turning and a stable drive on dry roads.

  • Sporty style
  • Firm ride
  • Soft rubber easily grips the road, but invites faster wear
  • Grooved tread design helps to displaces water to avoid hydroplaning
  • Because of their low-profile it may heighten road noise

Our Online Tire Store at Lexus of Royal Oak

Now comes the fun part, shopping for your next set of winter, all-season, or summer tires! You’re more than welcome to come into our dealership and shop tire packages for your Lexus in person, or you can utilize our online tire & wheel shopping tool! Select your model and year and then browse our selection of tires and rims available for your Lexus. We only stock the best brands for your vehicle like Micheline, Bridgestone, Firestone, Goodyear, and many more. Be sure to keep your eye out for any specials or promotions so you can drive home on some discount tires!

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