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Wheel Alignment Service at Lexus of Royal Oak

Feel a pull or a shake when you’re driving your Lexus? Don’t fret, that may just mean it’s time to get an alignment inspection done, and the service team here at Lexus of Royal Oak has all of your alignment needs covered. Driving your vehicle, even under normal circumstances, puts it through a lot, and then add on the tough winter months and the varied terrain that Alberta presents and that all puts your vehicle through a ton of tough work. From tire balancing to a full car alignment, it’s vital to make sure your vehicle is touching down on the road as properly as possible. Read on as we go over why wheel alignment is so important, signs you need one, how our service works, and to easily book yourself in for service here in Calgary!

Benefits of a Wheel Alignment

Properly aligned wheels ensure that your Lexus, or off-make vehicle, contacts the road evenly and optimally through each of its four tires. Just this simple procedure does a lot for the performance of your car, truck, van or SUV. The following are benefits you’ll enjoy with a correct wheel alignment:

Improved steering response

Improved handling

Improved fuel efficiency

Helps to promote even tire wear

Reduces wear on the suspension

Signs that You Need a Wheel Alignment

Feeling that pull or shake is only one of the possible signs that it may be time to bring your vehicle into our service shop for an alignment. Take a look through the following signs that may mean a car alignment is in your future:

If your steering is pulling you toward one side

If your steering wheel feels unstable

If your steering wheel vibrates

If you notice that the ride is noticeably uncomfortable from previous

If you notice that your fuel efficiency has gotten worse

If you notice uneven wear on your tires

Whenever you have new tires installed

Whenever you have any suspension parts or components installed

In the event of a any minor or major car accident

How our Wheel Alignment Service Works

While wheel alignments are not part of your Lexus’ regularly scheduled maintenance, it’s important to keep up on. Our wheel alignment services focus on a few important parts of your wheels and suspension, in regards to their angles (caster, camber and toe), and ensuring they’re set to the manufacturer specifications. Thus, it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, and dependent on your Lexus and its drivetrain, where our service technicians may recommend either a two-wheel or four-wheel alignment. Get to know below some of the common definitions and service work done through our alignment services and what our machines and tools target.
Lexus mechanic working on the wheel of a Lexus

Caster Alignment:

Helps to stabilize your vehicle at high speeds
Lexus mechanic using power wrench on a tire

Camber Alignment:

Provides more stabilized cornering ability, as well as lengthening tire tread life
Close-up of mechanic measuring a tire

Toe Alignment:

Improves the comfort of your ride, fuel efficiency and tire tread life
Close-up of 2021 white Lexus EX 350 wheel and front

Tire Balance:

Optimizes steering and your drive for a smooth and stable ride.

Book Wheel Alignment Service at Lexus of Royal Oak

Getting your wheels aligned does not come at a great cost, and benefits you in the long-term with a vehicle that is optimized to its potential and able to provide the performance you desire. Our wheel alignment service starts at $149.95* (*price subject to change), where we provide quick and efficient service that will get you back out on our Calgary roads in no time. Be sure to check our service specials page for the latest offers and coupons on our alignment services, to help get you an even better price. If you have any questions about our alignment services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, by phone, form or in-person!

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