Run-Flat Tires: Pros & Cons

Front side view of 2022 Lexus NX tires

Run-flat tires have become a popular topic in the automotive community due to their distinct advantages and disadvantages, and their overall difference from what people are used to in standard tires. Run-flat tires allow you to drive on your tires for an extended period of time if you get a flat, helping to increase the safety of your vehicle in the event of tire failure, and providing more convenience. Many aren’t fans of the tire due to its ride, lack of spare and high-end quality price. Read on with us at Lexus of Royal Oak as we help you get to know run-flat tires, and outline why they can be a great option for your vehicle.

What are Run Flat Tires?

Flat tires can happen at any time, anywhere. For when you may be waiting a long time for roadside assistance, have a long way to go to get your tire changed or just aren’t well versed at changing a tire, run-flat tires are the perfect antidote. Run-flat tires are tires that have re-reinforced sidewalls, which allows them to take on the weight of your vehicle for a period of time, allowing you to safely drive to a service & repair shop. Run-flat tires generally give you around 160 km (100 miles) of range to get you safely where you need to go to get your tire replaced.

What are the Benefits of Run-Flat Tires?

  • Safety: The main advantage of run-flat tires is their ability for you to safely drive on your flat tire. Forget about calling for help or braving the elements to change your tire, embrace the added control you now have over the situation and drive to your desired location for repair.
  • Convenience: If you’re a creature of habit and don’t like to go to a repair shop you’ve never been to before when your tire breaks down just because it’s close by, or if you don’t want to sit around for an hour or more waiting for roadside assistance, with run-flat tires you can most likely drive to your home dealership (such as us at Lexus of Royal Oak) with these tires’ long range.
  • No Spare Tire: Different people could view this as a positive or negative, as more vehicle manufacturers have removed the spare tire & tools found inside, which helps to cut down on vehicle weight but leaves you without a spare if you have standard tires. Run-flat tires negate the need for a spare as you can just drive to your closest repair shop.

Why are Run-Flat Tires Becoming More Common?

Run-flat tires are being used on more and more vehicles, and specifically in regards to our Lexus brand where they’ll be seen on the all-new 2022 NX. These tires are most usually found on high-end and premium vehicle brands, such as Lexus. They’re perfect for high quality sports cars, like those found in our Lexus line, as they allow for those top value vehicles to still maintain top grade safety and steering response when tire failure may occur. As such, these run-flat tires come at a premium price and may only be available in certain sizes, but are well worth it in protecting the overall value and livelihood of your vehicle, preventing larger repair jobs or costs from possibly being necessary. 

Are Run-Flat Tires Worth It?

Run-flat tires may come at a larger price and offer a different ride quality than those may be used to with traditional tires, but it’s offset by the incredible convenience of not having to worry about changing your tires yourself (especially if you’re not skilled in the area), gives your vehicle better stability and control so you can still drive on the flat tire and helps cut down on vehicle weight without the need to carry a spare tire. Don’t be concerned if your vehicle comes with run-flat tires as you may not be used to this new driving experience, they were made with your safety and convenience in mind, and exist as a solid option on your valued premium vehicle.

If you have any questions about run-flat tires, how they work, how they may benefit your Lexus, or how to get a set for yourself, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Lexus of Royal Oak. We’re here to answer any questions or concerns you may have, so please get in touch, today!

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