The 3 Easy Steps of Selling to a Dealership

Customer and salesperson sitting at a desk in dealership

It only takes a few easy steps to prepare your vehicle for sale, get it appraised then sell it for a great price, all in a quick amount of time. We make selling your vehicle easy at Lexus of Royal Oak, and have outlined the process in a few quick easy steps to make it easy on you. Following the below tips will help you get the best value possible for your vehicle, and selling to a dealership means everything will be handled for you, and in a timely fashion. Read on and get your vehicle sold, today!

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1. Clean & Repair Your Vehicle

First things first, you’ll need to get your vehicle in as good shape as possible, this includes making any minor repairs needed and giving it a good clean/detail, both inside and out. Now, hopefully, you’ve been keeping good care of your vehicle across its entire lifetime with both needed repairs, regular maintenance and washes so that this process isn’t too intensive, but if not you may have some work to do. It may cost a bit to get your vehicle repaired and detailed to a presentable level, but it’s worth it in the end in trying to get the best value possible for it. If you’re not able to do the work yourself, look into getting it done by professionals, like us at Lexus of Royal Oak.

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2. Get Your Vehicle Appraised

Once your vehicle is looking its absolute best, it’s time to get it appraised and find out what its value is. A trade-in appraisal can easily be done at any dealership, and our instant process here at Lexus of Royal Oak starts the process off online to give you a value of what your vehicle may be worth. We’ll eventually transition the evaluation in-person by one of our trained professionals (and complimentary) so we can get a look at the vehicle in-person and come up with a proper valuation. Dealerships want your vehicle, so fill out the appraisal form and get your guaranteed trade value, today. 

3. Receive an Offer & Sell

Now that your vehicle has been appraised and a value attached to it, you’ll get an offer from the dealership. At Lexus of Royal Oak we ensure that it’s always a fast and efficient process that avoids the trials and tribulations of selling privately, because we know that your time is valuable. Often times we can get you a cheque for your vehicle on the same day, making this entire process quick and easy.

Sell Your Car to Lexus of Royal Oak

Experience a luxury selling process in one of the top dealerships in Calgary here at Lexus of Royal Oak. Our convenient process provides a complimentary appraisal and avoids the hassles of selling privately. Contact us, today, whether online or in-person, to start the process now.