5 Ways Selling to a Dealership is So Easy

You have a few options when it comes to selling your vehicle, you could take the onus on yourself and sell it privately, with everything up to you, or you could sell it to a dealership and enjoy the fast, efficient and professional experience that comes with a host of benefits. In our minds, it’s an easy decision to sell your vehicle to a dealership when the time comes, but if you’re not quite sold on its advantages yet, let us outline all the ways how a dealership such as ours at Lexus of Royal Oak makes it an absolute breeze to sell your vehicle, in a comfortable environment, and at a great value!

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Quick & Convenient Process

We know your time is valuable to you, and it’s valuable to us, too, that’s why our selling process is quick and convenient. Our team doesn’t fuss around and extend the process longer than it needs to, and in most cases we’re able to do the entire deal in one day, and get you your cheque in that same timeframe. This is in direct contrast to selling privately, which can drag on and on and leaves everything to you to organize and push forward.

Sell to Professionals

Don’t worry about having to set up meetings with strangers that you’ve never met before, having to meet someone at a neutral location, or inviting people to your house to look at your vehicle, which you may not be entirely comfortable with. That’s what the private process looks like, but selling to a dealership such as our luxury dealership of Lexus of Royal Oak puts you in the cradle of professional care and at a top quality location with a dedicated group of people to do business with. Our team has years of experience working with people just like you and helping you get the best value.

We Take All Makes & Models

We may be a Lexus dealership, but that doesn’t mean we’re only concerned with buying Lexus vehicles. Of course, we’d love to buy your quality Lexus vehicle off of you, but we also happily take all makes and models. While our new inventory may be filled with the latest and greatest of Lexus vehicles, our used inventory is home to a wide variety of makes and models.

We Handle All The Paperwork & Legalities

Maybe you enjoy the process of selling your car, but something nobody likes is having to deal with all of the paperwork, legalities and financials that come with transitioning a vehicle to a new owner. Being that we’re a long-tenured and AMVIC-licensed dealership, this is our direct area of expertise, and something we’ve been doing for years, with a team of seasoned sales & finance experts who are skilled in every asset of legal paperwork management.

Get Great Value on Your Next Vehicle

If you’re just looking to sell your vehicle and leave with a cheque in hand, that’s great, we’re happy to accommodate you. If you’re looking to sell your vehicle and upgrade into something new, not only can we help you find a fantastic new or new-to-you vehicle, but also can turn that sale into a trade-in, helping you get a better deal on your next vehicle, with a potential smaller amount of financing and taxes that need to be paid. Set yourself up perfectly for your next vehicle and get a jumpstart by applying that trade-in price toward your new model!

Lexus of Royal Oak Dealership

Sell Your Car to Lexus of Royal Oak

If you’re ready to sell, we’re ready to help you out. Don’t extend your vehicle selling process longer than it needs to be by selling privately, enjoy a quick and easy process and sell to our all-encompassing luxury dealership. Contact us to start, today!